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If you believe that being "The Chosen One" only goes for Harry Potter, then you have to come right out and think again! LeBron Raymone James is the next best thing after the wand-bearing name of the fictitious J.K. Rowling character.

Feel at home, here at lebronjamesonline.net, your number one choice for getting up-to-the-minute, fresh-from-the-grill news and updates about your favorite Ohio-born basketball player, the "King James" himself, Lebron James.

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Whet your appetite with the King James' neat moves; his dunks, his game performances, and his scores. Get your fill of Ohio's Mr. Basketball's profile; his stuff (shoes, jerseys, pictures and wallpapers, what have you), his love life and girlfriend, the highlights of his career and his game schedules as well.

It is possible that you have never met LeBron James before. Hopefully, this site would make you feel like you have really met the Cleveland Cavalier star in the flesh. Browse his fact files and you might as well be in for a treat!

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